Sofia Coppola’s Somewhere Hitting DVD and Blu-ray in April

Universal Studios Home Entertainment has announced that they will be bringing Sofia Coppola’s Somewhere to DVD, Blu-ray and Digital Download on April 19, 2011. Sofia Coppola is an Academy Award-winning writer/director. Her drama Somewhere won a Best Picture award at last year’s Venice International Film Festival. The critically-acclaimed movie stars Stephen Dorff, Elle Fanning and Chris Pontius in an affecting and witty story about celebrity and parenting. You can check out details about the special features after the jump.

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-MD-4194d ago (Edited 4194d ago )

Chris Pontius is going to be in an actual film other than Jackass?! This is AWESOME news.

Elle Fanning is one of the more popular child actors currently too right? I haven't seen her act in anything yet. Totally watching this.

Crazay4194d ago

I just can't see Chris Pontius doing anything other than Bunny Lifeguard or Party Boy. Not sure I'll watch this one but it's pretty cool to hear about Pontius breaking from his Jackass mold.

-MD-4189d ago

What about Satan??? Jackass fans know what I'm talkin bout

Sunny_D4189d ago

I was surprised when I saw Chris in the title. I was like what????