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Warner Bros Downsizing New Line

Deadline Says:

EXCLUSIVE: Deadline has learned that New Line will reduce its output from 8 movies a year to just 4. In addition, some of New Line's personnel will be laid off in coming weeks. It's all part of Warner Bros newly named movie boss Jeff Robinov plan to "downsize" the division.

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-MD-4187d ago

By half?! sad to hear people will be losing their jobs because of this.

Sunny_D4187d ago

Hey who knows? The less movies might mean the better the movies will turn out. Thus, they can also give a bigger budget and more time to produce the movies.

Or, they could be low on cash...

-MD-4187d ago

I'm gonna go with low on cash. I do hope the films are of higher quality because of this though.

Sunny_D4187d ago

Yeah, because they need to get big profits to stay in business.

Soldierone4187d ago

WB low on cash or New Line? New Line hasnt really pushed anything out lately that was mind blowing, so they are basically mooching off WB money and WB said enough.

WB though. How many major blockbusters have they had in the past few years?

Crazay4187d ago

I suspect the New Line name is fast approaching the same status as the DoDo bird.

Sunny_D4186d ago

extinct? Wow, that would have been a cool bird.

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Soldierone4187d ago

I understand this to New Line since they havent really done much, but i dont like what he said. "cut movies and focus on the gems" I dont like that. You dont get gems by making gems, they just become something on their own. You think Inception would of been given a chance with that attitude?

JL4187d ago

This better not affect the new Harold & Kumar movie.