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5 Great Shows to Be Unjustly Cancelled

RiHD says:

As I watch in horror as one of my favorite TV series’ Fringe languishes in the “Friday Night Death Slot” I can’t help but recall some of the best shows to be unceremoniously canceled by some big show who actually thinks he/she knows better than everyone else.

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-MD-4187d ago

The 4400 - Someone mentioned that in another article on here. Looks like they weren't alone.

I've heard people crying over Carnivale in the past. The people that did like that show LOVED that show. I haven't seen it.

The only show I'm pissed about being cancelled is Kath & Kim. People that know me know why =)

Crazay4187d ago

Even though the series ended on a serious cliff hanger note - I strongly recommend you check it out. You won't be disappointed. As for Kath and Kim, I can't say I've ever even heard of it.

-MD-4187d ago

It's a comedy based off a british comedy of the same name. I only watched it because Selma Blair was in it.

It had its moments too.

-MD-4187d ago

Actually it was Australian. I knew I had it wrong.

Crazay4187d ago

Gotcha - Selma Blair is pretty cute.

Sunny_D4186d ago

Out of all of these movies, I have only heard of Jericho and even then I haven't watched it, lol.