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FilmMattic Person of the Week: I'm Here to Report a Neeson Rating

FilmMattic writes: My selection of Liam Neeson is timely. His most recent starring role came in last week's number one box office champ, Unknown, which took home a reported $21.7 million. This is a pretty exciting turn of events as the mid-range, rather accessible thriller that cost $30 million to make was not expecting much of a successful opening weekend. While neither emphatic nor robust, the opening number does portend good news for the studio and the star. It proves that the young 58-year old action hero can pull in a good number—Taken was no fluke.

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Crazay4187d ago

Liam Neeson is just one of those guys that draws good reviews and alot of attention. I've always liked his acting (Rob Roy was amazing) and really enjoy everything he's in. This is a must see movie for me.

filmmattic4187d ago

Agreed! He is always consistently good at playing the good guy. He has even shown a provocative ability to play the bad guy (case in point, Batman Begins).

And yes, this is certainly a must see for Neeson fans or fans of good acting and good action.

Chauvez4186d ago

I just found out he was in his late 50s ><
I would NOT have known the way he fights in Unkown and Taken...
my mouth was open the whole time, i hope their is a taken 2, i want to see more...

Sunny_D4182d ago

Neeson is cool. He can be a jedi, batman's enemy or even an cia agent. damn!