Amazon Prime Now Includes Free Video Streaming

Amazon Prime members can now enjoy unlimited streaming of over 5,000 movies and TV shows. The recently leaked service just went live this morning.

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Soldierone4110d ago

I was checking it out shortly after it went live, not sure what to say. Its nice and works perfectly, and the fact it goes right with Prime is even more awesome. however the movie selection sucks hardcore.

Crazay4110d ago

What's Prime?

I can't se this being a huge success until they can get it installed on set top boxes.

JL4110d ago

Prime is a service that Amazon offers for $79/month. It allows members to get free two-day shipping (faster than the normal free shipping), plus your order doesn't have to be $25 minimum to get that free shipping. Plus other little extras like video games, you can get those with release-date delivery free of charge if you're a member of Prime. And now, it includes the video streaming.

Crazay4110d ago

Gotcha - thanks for the explanation. You'd have to be a pretty hardcore Amazon customer to pay that kind of money.

Soldierone4110d ago

Also, Amazon already began rolling out set top boxes a while ago haha. They have Amazon Unbox. You can install it on your computer or buy an actual player. They are also pushing it on Blu Ray players (it somewhat already hit PS3, but you currently have to pay for it.)

if they really wanted to, they are prepared to go to war.

techniglee4110d ago (Edited 4110d ago )

They are offering a free 30 day trial, so everyone can watch. Also, if you are a student with a .edu email address, Prim is free!

Crazay4110d ago

That's pretty cool - Problem is I'm in Canada and I'd bet the farm that I'm not allowed to participate in such fun things.

Soldierone4110d ago

They have all kinds of ways for you to get it for free. They had one for moms too, teens, and so on.

I got an Amazon Credit Card now so ill be buying even more from them haha.

-MD-4110d ago

I already used a trial from them some months ago when I ordered a bunch of games. Doubt It will let me do it again. =/

Soldierone4108d ago

Ive "renewed" my prime membership for being a college student for two years now.

-MD-4108d ago

Lucky you =/ I'm not in college lol.