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CBS And Netflix Ink Deal For Library Content

Deadline says:

CBS Corp. and Netflix just announced a two-year, non-exclusive licensing agreement that will allow library CBS series to be streamed via Nexflix. Included in the deal are dramas Medium, Flashpoint, the original Hawaii Five-0, the different incarnations of Star Trek as well as Twin Peaks and The Twilight Zone. On the comedy side, included are Frasier, Cheers, Family Ties and The Andy Griffith Show. The shows will be available in April.

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Crazay4189d ago

Some of these shows a re good additions. What I really want to see is quicker migration to Netflix for TV shows. Far too often I miss something and have to download it while the Networks shake their finger at me. It'd be nice to know that withing a set time frame (2-3weeks maybe?) that I'll be able to catch up on the episode I missed on Netflix.

JL4189d ago (Edited 4189d ago )

That would indeed be nice. I'd definitely like the turnaround rate to be quicker with Netflix (both movies and TV shows). Kinda like Hulu plus which has new episodes of show up pretty quick from what I understand.

If Netflix gets that sorted and can get turnaround/migration times like that, they will absolutely become huge and start a complete takeover.

On that note, this is pretty cool too. I will definitely have to check me out some Cheers. Used to really enjoy that show.

Crazay4189d ago

I read that the reason they don't have new video releases for 6 weeks after they release on DVD etc is so the studios can have that 6 weeks to capitalize on DVD/BluRay sales. After that 1st 6 weeks, the people who are going to buy it have already done so.

JL4189d ago

Yea I understand the reasoning, to a degree. Though I do disagree with that time frame. Just give it a week. I think most who are going to buy it will have it within the week (two at the most). Even still, if I want to own it, I'm not going to be deterred by it's availability on a rental service.

And look at it too, it's not like Blockbuster has a delay in renting. It's available to rent there the same day it's released on DVD. So let Netflix do the same. Then you can put the delay on actually having it hit the Instant Play. That I wouldn't mind. It's the having to wait a month after it's actually came out to be able to even get it through the mail via Netflix.

Soldierone4189d ago

JL Blockbuster is also paying for the rights to have the movies there the same day. Look at the kiosks now, notice how some movies are coming out sooner on some kiosks than others. Also on demand is trying to set their foot in the door as well.

Companies are turning into what the game industry is doing. Non stop chldish fights over who has what.

Crazay4189d ago

Despite the slim pickings on Canadian Netflix, I still say it's the best $8 per month I've ever spent. I can ALWAYS find something to watch and I love that.

JL4189d ago

Actually Soldier as far as I understand, with all the financial woes, Blockbuster has had to stop doing a lot of that stuff.

Soldierone4189d ago

Blockbuster is now 3 differnt companies. They still pay certain things. There is a "rental" fee now, all the kiosks and Blockbuster have to pay this fee. blockbuster kiosks also pay a fee to get movies a week to two weeks early, sometimes its more than that. Redbox is starting to jump on that wagon too, its called Premium Rentals and they cost 3 dollars instead of one.

On Demand etc...they are all fighting to get it "first" and you can thank greedy movie studios for this. Netflix simply cant afford to offer movies that soon because of it.

Crazay4189d ago

Soldier - I don't think the high prices are going to be much of a factor for too much longer. BBV is for sale and better than balls deep in debt. The kiosks are their last ditch effort at staying alive and I see it failing.

Soldierone4189d ago

I got a PR email from Blockbuster. They already went under and sold each branch as a differnt company, and have absolutely no effect to one another at all. The three companies are the actual stores, the online (netflix service, and smartphoes) and the kiosks.

Their PR email stressed the fact that if one of them were to go under, the others will not be effected, but they will still work together. Such as in store rentals are earned from online and kiosks rentals.

Another emails explained how Blockbuster pays to get movies early, thus being called premium rentals and cost a little more. I got this email because i complained about their high prices lol.

Sunny_D4189d ago

This is good enough for me. I have Netflix streaming and was hoping they will add more TV shows to their library.

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Soldierone4189d ago

This is nice as Netflix continues to get better and better. Overall I wish they would spend their efforts working with the greedy movie companies though.

I dont really watch a lot of tv so i dont really care about this stuff, but id love to see some type of deal where new movie realeses come to Netflix fast or for a limited time.

Crazay4189d ago (Edited 4189d ago )

The only thing standing in their way of total domination, and I'm not being a complete smart ass about this, is getting a "NetfliXXX" service up and running. As soon as that happens, watch out.

JL4189d ago

lol That's funny you mention that. That's one of my brother's complaints about the service. He's like "why can't I get porn?"

Honestly, though, I think at this stage in the game it wouldn't be good for Netflix to go that route. They're trying to establish dominance. Adding porn might hurt them or at least take them back a step. Especially since they rely on studios giving them licensing for movies and Hollywood studios like that frown upon porn.

What they really need to do to dominate is get movies quicker. Plain and simple. That's the only thing keeping others afloat (ie Blockbuster). If they can knock Blockbuster out of the way, then they have an open road ahead of them. Of course, Redbox contends with them, but I think it's almost in an indirect way and not as directly as Blockbuster.

After Blockbuster, Netflix needs to set their sights on overcoming Hulu in the TV department. They do that and they'll kill two birds with one stone almost: Hulu and cable/dish companies.

Crazay4189d ago

I thought Redbox was owned by BBV. Blockbuster will be gone in 3 years maximum. Not that I take pleasure in this in anyway because that means people lose their jobs but it's just a sign of the times and the companies that can't keep up, die because they don't/won't or can't stay up with the changing times.

JL4189d ago

Nope, Redbox is owned by Coinstar. Hence the reason Blockbuster jumped into the kiosk business to try to compete with them cause Redbox was also one of the ones taking some of their business. Though I think it's too little too late for Blockbuster.

And not that I take pleasure in people losing their jobs (it is sad and does suck for them), but in a "looking at the silver lining" kind of thing: I do like the sales Blockbuster stores will have when they shut down.

I've noticed recently a couple Blockbusters around me having signs saying "1000's of Movies for 49 Cents Each". These being stores that aren't closing down (that I know of). I haven't checked into it yet, though, but I may have to stop at one and see.

Soldierone4189d ago

@JL If Netflix is gona rain king they need to do it fast, and like now fast. Amazon already has their sites set on the movie industry and are already sending their force there. They have TONS of advantages over Netflix and if their service gets up and running on par with Netflix, there will be a new big dog. If anything Amazon will completely take over, they have so many better services to offer.

I think for Netflix to get away with it, they should open up Kiosks to offer the newer movies or something. Members can rent movies for like 50 cents, and free after two weeks. Non members have to pay 2 dollars. Good idea?

JL4189d ago

I'm not entirely opposed to Netflix doing some kind of kiosk like that. Especially if it's a special thing that offers movies sooner than they get them on their service. Of course I'm not really sure how they'd do that. I would figure getting licensing for that would also allow them to rent them out through the mail too.

I'd also prefer that Netflix take the money needed for a venture like that and instead invest it in getting material faster from movies.

As for Amazon, I know they undoubtedly have the resources and power to take on Netflix. I'm just not sure how dedicated they are to doing something like that. They'd obviously have to do some serious beefing up of their library. Probably even get a DVD-by-the-mail service; some people just prefer a DVD. Or Blu-ray which would require even more bandwidth to stream hi-def movies. And some just don't have internet or too slow of internet. Or at least no device to stream to their TVs (cause hooking the computer/laptop to the TV is too tedious and complicated for some).

-MD-4189d ago

"Though I think it's too little too late for Blockbuster."

Didn't they just get bought out for $290 million? Someone has faith in the company.

Double_O_Revan4188d ago

would you really rent porn discs through a service like netflix? gross just thinking about the other people who have touched them before you.

it would have to be a streaming only service.

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Sunny_D4189d ago

That reminds me. What happened to Kings? That show was so awesome, but they had to cancel it after the first season. Curse whoever decided to pull the plug on it. It was going to be soo epic, by the 2nd season. Sigh...

-MD-4189d ago

I can safely say that I'm not a fan for any of these shows. Twilight Zone being the exception.

Netflix still isn't worth paying for imo. Their streaming lineup is worse than horrible (seriously) and why would I wait for movies/tv shows in the mail when I could google them and be watching them within the hour?

ZeroTolerance4189d ago

This is good news, I like it when there are more options added to Netflix and these shows are ones I was interested in but I cannot commit to specific time frames.

Double_O_Revan4188d ago

Great news. if they could only get more networks to jump in. i hate trying to find shows i want to watch, only to not have them on instant stream.