Fox Pilot Rundown and Why Fall TV Might be Awesome

EW says:

Forget watching cops, doctors and lawyers working dreary modern-day jobs. Next fall, TV could be ruled by superheros, wizards and Playboy bunnies.

The broadcast networks’ pilot orders, which are nearly finished for the year, make this extreme primetime makeover actually possible. Not since a certain ABC show about a mysterious island became a massive hit have the Big Five developed so many serialized, sci fi and straight-up wild projects.

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Soldierone4110d ago

Superheroes and Wizards? Im game, maybe ill start watching TV again who knows.

As for all this about FOX dont get your hopes up too high. They are known for making some creative and fun shows, then canceling them or moving them to horrible spots. Fact is if it doesn't make money like American Idol, they dont want it.

Crazay4110d ago

I couldn't have said it better. Fox has a horrible track record for creating some awesome shows only to shitcan it far too soon. Almost seems to me that all the companies are doing the same thing too.

-MD-4110d ago

You don't watch any tv? So no Dexter or Weeds? Walking Dead?

Soldierone4110d ago

Ill admit I watch weeds, but I watch it on Netflix. Other than that, the shows cant keep my attention or make me want to tune in every week. Instead ill be on here or playing video games when i have that free time.

Its been a while since a show could keep my attention, exception of course Weeds lol. Ill probably watch Walking Dead when its on netflix too.

-MD-4110d ago

Have you ever seen Dexter though? Halfway through season 1 I was hooked and I watched all 5 seasons in like a month.

Sopranos is unmissable too.

Crazay4109d ago

Soldier you really need to check out Dexter. Season 4 in particular was un-freaking-real. Another amazing show is Breaking Bad. I'll admit that it took me about 3 episodes to really get into it but it's one of my faves and I can't wait for it to get back on TV.