Charlie Sheen -- I'm Ready for Another 'Major League'

Charlie Sheen says he's ready, willing and TOTALLY DOWN to play Ricky "Wild Thing" Vaughn in another "Major League" sequel ... as long as the powers that be will greenlight a script.

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-MD-4195d ago

I'd be willing to watch another Major League movie. The original still airs on tv from time to time and it's still pretty funny all these years later.

Soldierone4195d ago

Yeah I caught it on tv a couple weekends ago. Its so cheesy and dumb, but you cant help but watch it.

I dunno how I feel about a second though.

-MD-4194d ago

This would actually be the 4th Major League film.

Sunny_D4193d ago

No crazy Charlie. No movie for you!

Sunny_D4189d ago

Before, he is ready for any movie, he needs to be ready to behave ike a normal person.