It's Official: Kiefer Sutherland to Star in Fox's Drama Pilot 'Touch'

Deadline Says:

Kiefer Sutherland is ready for a primetime return. The 24 star has closed a deal to star in the Fox drama pilot Touch, from Heroes creator Tim Kring. In addition to Fox, Touch reunites Sutherland with 20th Century Fox TV. Co-produced by Chernin Entertainment, Touch centers on a father (Sutherland) who discovers that his autistic, mute son can predict events before they happen. Because of Sutherland's duties on Broadway where he currently stars in a revival of the Jason Miller's That Championship Season, Touch is expected start production in late May-early June after Sutherland fulfills his commitment to the play, now in previews. That would make Touch a contender for midseason where 24 was a long-time staple. Kring wrote Touch, his first pilot script since Heroes. Charles McDougall, who has helmed the pilots for ABC's Desperate Housewives, CBS' The Good Wife and, most recently, Fox's The Chicago Code, is in talks to direct.

Sutherland, repped by CAA and Management 360, spent eight seasons on 24 playing CTU agent Jack Bauer. It became his signature role and earned him an Emmy Award in 2006.

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Crazay4110d ago

I've only ever seen a few episodes here and there of 24 but I liked what I saw. It's on a list of things to borrow from my brother to watch all the way through. Early reports say that this new show is very well written and intriguing.

-MD-4110d ago (Edited 4110d ago )

I have never seen an episode of 24. When people bring it up to me and I say that they seem shocked.

Edit: Wonder who took my 4th bubble away.

Crazay4110d ago

LOL- No idea man. I just noticed that myself.

Back on topic here I get the same reaction from people when I tell them I never invested myself in the series but plan to.

Soldierone4110d ago

After the first season i couldnt pay attention anymore. It turned into the same basic thing over and over, someone gets kidnapped, a bombs about to go off, he has and will save the day (literally)

Notice he like never used the bathroom or anything for those 24 hours lol.

-MD-4110d ago

It's one of those shows? I'll take a pass on that. House is getting stale too using the same formula for every single episode.

Sunny_D4110d ago

H was kick-ass in 24. I thought he was going to end his acting career. But, I will have to watch out for this show.

Crazay4110d ago

What made you think he was calling it a career?

Soldierone4110d ago

Like i said before, it wont last long if at all. Above said it has good writing and a good story, so that has something to talk about but you need to convey that in this episode, just like the zombie show did.

Crazay4110d ago

I'm guessing that you're talking about the Walking Dead? Great story there. What makes me hopeful for this show is that I'm missing some good hour long TV drama/sci-fi style show since Lost signed off.

-MD-4110d ago

Walking Dead is one of my favorite shows at the moment. Can't wait to see where they go in the second season (I haven't read the comics so it's all new to me). I did think the season finale was a bit weak though.

Crazay4110d ago

I have read all the comics and they've been true enough to the source material to keep me happy but change up enough things to keep me guessing.

Soldierone4110d ago

Maybe they should make the uncharted movie then! See what i did there :D

But yeah its that show. You know for a fact none of you would be watching if the first episode wasnt well done to a point of keeping your interest.

Crazay4110d ago

OH NO YOU DIDN'T!!! I totally saw what you did there mister angry. =)

I know me - I'd have watched the Walking Dead beyond episode 1 no matter what. You should see some of the craptastic zombie movies I've watched all the way through.

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