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9 Great Scenery Chewers

Mania Says:

Every once in a while you come across a performance that's just stunning. You sit in gape-jawed disbelief as an actor, often a very very good actor, a critically-acclaimed actor, an award-winning actor, goes completely off the rails. He turns it past 11 in a climb so far over the top it wallows in nearly grand guignol hysteria. You wouldn't be surprised if, in a fit of histrionics, he snaps a piece of scenery off and EATS IT--he's that out of control.

And you can't look away. You're glued to it. You can't turn it off. You can't turn it down. Part of you wants to turn it UP. It's hypnotic, and will burn itself into your memory irreparably. It will become part of your worldview, percolating into the memes that define your geekery ... forever.

Weep, mortals! Love these performances and Despair!

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