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RadarOnline Interview: Lindsay Lohan Lines Up First Post-Rehab Movie

Lindsay Lohan could be back before the cameras by late summer, has learned exclusively.

The Mean Girls star has committed to star in Escaping the Game, a drama to be shot in the U.S. and Spain.

The contracts have not yet been signed, producer Nathan Folks tells exclusively but he's optimistic Lindsay will not be going to jail and they can get the deal done in the next several weeks.

"She wants to do it," Folks, who calls Lindsay a good friend, tells us.

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-MD-4190d ago

I hope she does make a comeback. I like Lindsay a lot I just don't like when she's all coked up.

Soldierone4189d ago

I dunno. You give her a chance and she tosses it into the toilet and laughs. It doesn't take brains to realize what she has. She had a career, not just a career, but a career people like me would die for. And she didnt care, she threw it away more than once and didnt care. Why should we give her another chance?

-MD-4189d ago

Because she's actually showed potential to be a good actress. She just needs to get her s**t together and get better friends.

Soldierone4189d ago

When? Ive never seen her do anything after she got out of the teenager character stage. And she cant do that forever.

Sunny_D4184d ago

Lindsay is a no skill hack. She is only famous because of all the drugs she gets into. She also get stealing. WTF?