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Blu-ray Review: The Last Exorcism - NERDSociety

NerdSociety writes: The horror movie The Last Exorcism didn’t look great from trailers. It reminded me of the overrated slop The Blair Witch Project, but The Last Exorcism turns out to be something of a surprise after all. A well-made, creepy chiller and look at exorcism in the rural heartland of America.

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Crazay4188d ago

Blair Witch = Overrated Slop? Dude thems some fightin' words. The best part about the Blair Witch was just how creepy it was. Part of what made it so good was the marketing campaign as it being legitimately real. I even remember seeing the Missing posters in my city. Then I saw the trailer and I thought WOW! I've seen those people before. The Blair Witch was a great flick sir.

-MD-4188d ago

Lol yeah I thought The Blair Witch was pretty good back then. He must have some high standards when it comes to movies.

JL4188d ago

Hmm sorry to get you riled up again Crazay, but I might have to agree....about the overrated slop thing that is lol

I hated that movie. Was the marketing of it good? Absolutely. Does good marketing make a good movie? Absolutely not. And when it came down to it, I thought the movie itself was just crap.

I still need to get around to seeing The Last Exorcism. I think it should be next in my queue so...soon I guess.

-MD-4188d ago (Edited 4188d ago )

Odds are you won't like The Last Exorcism if you hated The Blair Witch.

JL4188d ago

Nonsense. Cause I love Paranormal Activity. It's not that I don't like that style of movie (which is what I assume you base your assumption on), it's just that Blair Witch was drivel.

Crazay4188d ago

I need to get my hands on the Last Exorcism too. My dad saw it and hated it but he loved Paranormal Activity and Blair Witch. JL, why must we always fight? lol

Soldierone4187d ago

I kinda agree with you here. the only aspect that I dont agree on is that it was the first to start something I absolutely love, the whole handycam film aspect. You are a character and they did that so well.

Otherwise the movie had a low budget and low expectations, and it shows through the movie as it isnt that good as a film.

I heard the town there still get people calling looking for the missing kids though lol.

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Sunny_D4187d ago

Yeah, I remember that too. I was kind os freaked out by it, when they first showed it. But, a movie with such a small budget made soo much money, it's crazy. Then, it sprung movies like Paranormal Activity.

Crazay4187d ago

There's alot of successful movies in Hollywood that have The Blair Witch to thank. To name a few off the top of my head, Cloverfield, Diary of the Dead, Super 8(?), Paranormal Activity 1 and 2.

Soldierone4187d ago

You have to think though, those movies would of come along one way or another. Blair Witch just happened to be first.

Truthfully I had the idea a while ago, before I remembered Blair Rich at all (watched it as a kid so i hardly knew what it was) and then my mom or somebody went "they already did it, watch this" and so on. Paranormal Activity would of come along either way, im almost positive. Cloverfield maybe.

-MD-4188d ago (Edited 4188d ago )

B- is about right for this. I think I gave it like a 3/5 when I saw it.