DVD and Blu-ray Releases for the Week of February 22, 2011

We’re coming up on another Tuesday, so you know what that means. Yep, a whole new batch of movies are hitting the shelves. In this weekly feature, we bring you a list of all the latest movies coming to DVD and Blu-ray for the week. This week’s releases include the Todd Phillips comedy Due Date, Get Low and Mesrine: Killer Instinct. We also get a Blu-ray release of the movie that made Christopher Nolan a name (and personally my favorite Nolan film to date): Memento. Also releasing later this week (Friday) will be the animated movie Megamind.

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-MD-4111d ago

I highly recommend seeing Due Date as that was really funny. Megamind was alright for an animated movie but it could have been better.

JL4111d ago

I didn't think it was all that great. Not as good as it seemed it should be on paper. It was decent, but nothing special.

I wanna check out Mesrine though. And as one of my favorite movies of all-time: might even have to upgrade Memento to get the Blu-ray version. Of course I already have a cool limited edition of it. Might just wait to see if they'll do some cool collector's edition for Blu-ray at some point.

-MD-4111d ago

Due Date? Really? Everywhere I went people were saying how let down they were and how it wasn't very good and then I watched it and as you already know completely disagreed.

I would watch it again for sure.

Soldierone4110d ago

id rent Due Date, take the few laughs it has, then take it back. I wouldnt buy it by any means. I listed why in another comment elsewhere, so i dont think i really need to explain it again.

I have yet to see Megamind, I have it on my computer since i got a free movie from Amazon, but I have yet to watch it lol. If its like discpicable me ill love it.

However Momento on Blu ray?! Interesting!