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David O. Russell Responds To The Internet’s Response To The Fact That He’s Making ‘Uncharted’

David Chen of Slashfilm writes: I had the privilege to speak with director David O. Russell last week (Thanks to everyone who submitted questions!). The full audio and transcript of that interview will be up in the next day or two, but in the meantime, I thought I’d share some of David O. Russell’s thoughts on the internet’s response to the fact that he’s directing Uncharted.

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Soldierone4114d ago

He is gonna ruin it. Basically took the professional route as to saying "im doing what i want i dont care what the fans want."

Then he goes and says Xmen is his best adaptation film he likes. How many fans are ticked off that it doesnt follow the comics AT ALL and hate those movies? Wolvering anyone? Thanks for putting "hope" in my long Uncharted movie hopes, you will be missed.

-MD-4114d ago

I'm just letting myself know right now that this won't be an Uncharted movie.

Sunny_D4113d ago

Yup, agreed. Especially when you consider he is adding characters that were never in the game franchise. Like his father and uncle. Screw that shit. I ain't giving him a scent.

darklordzor4113d ago

You know, I'm sure the movie itself will be just fine and entertaining...but it still won't be Uncharted. He can complain about the fans bitching all he wants, but in the end, isn't that the audience he's supposed to be aiming for? Why doesn't he care more about that?

-MD-4113d ago

Cause he sounds like a dick. I don't want this idiot touching any other of my favorite games. Hurry up and ruin this one and then move on.

Soldierone4113d ago

Exactly. i dont mind him "making a good movie" thats fine, ill trust you with that. Just dont call it Uncharted unless you are doing it for the Uncharted fans. We trust you to listen to us and make an UNCHARTED film, not a film.

If he didnt want to "put up" with the fans, or listen, or whatever then go make another adventure movie. Honestly just dont call it Uncharted, call it National Treasure 5. (which btw has FAMILY in it)

Sunny_D4113d ago (Edited 4113d ago )

He should call it. Movie that was supposed to be based off a movie.

That would get him some hits.

Crazay4113d ago

In my opinion, David O is becoming a bit too big for his britches and thinking that he knows better than the fans. Well, if that's going to be the case then he can kiss my rosy red ass because as Soldier points out there was no "Family" aspect to Uncharted and what he's making is not Uncharted in anyway aside from the namesake.

Soldierone4113d ago

Sounds familar, kinda like a name i know so well. Uwe Boll? M Nigh Shamalon? hmmm.... lol

Sunny_D4113d ago

Man, just because you're son plays the games doesn't mean, you know enough about it. If my dad was making this movie, I would have told him hell no. Then, I would get a restraining order, lol.

-MD-4113d ago (Edited 4113d ago )

I'd put the smack down on my dad if he was handling this movie. For real though I'd basically push him out of the way.

If he was smart he would take advice from his son.

CanadianTurtle4110d ago

This movie is more than enough to rape the entire series.