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Paramount Goes Right Back to the Bieber Well With 'Director's Fan Cut'

Paramount Monday announced plans to re-release its hit concert movie "Justin Bieber: Never Say Never" as a "Directors Fan Cut" featuring 40 minutes of additional footage.

Here's the Paramount announcement:

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-MD-4188d ago

Milk that movie Paramount yeah!

Sunny_D4187d ago

Milk that bot Paramount, Usher, Tween girls, YEAH! Uggh, next Arron Carter, I'm telling you.

Soldierone4188d ago

Not like Paramount has anything else to make easy money off of. Fans will eat up anything with his name on it, why not milk it to hell while you can.

-MD-4188d ago

I'd milk it too but it's pathetic that the movie is like a week old and they're already adding 40 more minutes of footage so everyone that already saw it will want to see it again for the new stuff.

They'll add another scene in 2 weeks to make them see it a third time.

Soldierone4188d ago

If you were in Paramounts shoes, youd do the same thing lol

-MD-4188d ago

I know I would lol I said I'd milk it too.

Sunny_D4187d ago

I would have been like good girl, Betsy, good girl. Keep giving that milk. Muhahahaha

Sunny_D4182d ago

Wow, my last comment sounded so perverted.