Movie Buzzers Review: Cedar Rapids

Movie Buzzers:
When you think of Ed Helms (The Hangover )and John C. Reilly (Step Brothers) in the same film, it’s hard not to think that you’re getting yourself into a raunchy comedy of sorts. You think that even more when you actually see the trailer for Cedar Rapids and it just shows comedy bits after comedy bits, distracting you from what the film is really about. Cedar Rapids isn’t just a comedy, it’s more of a dramedy about a naive adult that, in a matter of a few days at a conference, learns to fly away from the nest and make confident personal decisions on his own. Hit the jump to find out my thoughts on this insurance based comedy.

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-MD-4111d ago

I tried giving them my money but they refused to bring the movie within reasonable distance of me. Wisconsin only has one decent theater guys get with it.

Sunny_D4105d ago

Hmmm, I read some of this movie. Sounds stupid.