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Jason Isaacs Lands Lead Role in NBC's 'REM'

Jason Isaacs has been cast in the NBC pilot, REM, from Lone Star creator Kyle Killen, The Hollywood Reporter confirms.

REM, a procedural hybrid from 20th TV, centers on the simultaneous and parallel lives of a detective (Isaacs) who can't let go of any aspect of his fractured family after a car accident.

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-MD-4190d ago

I have to agree with one of the posters in the article

"I have read about this series twice now and still have no clue what its about. Bad sign."

I also don't know what it's about and I just read it twice.

Crazay4190d ago

It's supposed to be along the same vein as Inception.

-MD-4190d ago

Yeah another poster had all the info that the story itself lacks.

"After reading the pilot I can tell you it's about a detective whose fractured psyche creates two alternate realities for himself in his sleep (hence the title REM). In one reality his son is dead, and the other his wife murdered. But in reality he's lost them both. It's very 'Inception'-esque and well written. Should be good. Just hope audiences can follow it."

Crazay4190d ago

That could end up being a major flaw with that show. They may lose people who just don't want to think too much into it. On the other hand it may thrive for the people who do want something that offers mystery and intrigue in the absence of LOST.