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Academy Award Predictions 2011

Even an Academy Award nomination raises you to another level on the Hollywood hierarchy, and winning that little golden man almost guarantees your career. With only a week to go before several thespians, producers, directors and writers are given a night to remember - and even more prima donnas go home empty-handed and heartbroken - here is a look at the most likely winners and why.

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-MD-3736d ago

Anyone from filmwatch see The Fighter? Was Bale's performance deserving of an oscar? I watched The Machinist last night so I have no problem believing it was.

JL3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

Bale's performance was hands-down one of the best of the year (if not THE best). He absolutely 100% deserves that Oscar. If he doesn't win it, I call sham. It's right up there with some of his best performances.

@Luke below
Sorry, but if your reviewer only called his performance "decent" (and neither extraordinary nor impressive), then I have no faith in your reviewer's judgment and could never regard his/hers as a trustworthy opinion.

-MD-3736d ago

Well now I kind of wish I would have seen this in theaters instead of True Grit.

Sunny_D3735d ago

I like The Machinist. He seemed like he really was trapped in Insomnia. His movies Nolan really show how good they work together.

JL3735d ago

Nolan didn't do The Machinist.

Sunny_D3735d ago

Oops, I got Insomnia( Nolan's film and The Machinist mixed up) lol.

luke12345673736d ago

Hey Murderdolls.

I haven't seen it - but the guy who reviewed it for us at shadowlocked said he was decent. Decent though; not extraordinary, or impressive.

But how often do you see a film run off with awards that it doesn't deserve?

-MD-3736d ago

"But how often do you see a film run off with awards that it doesn't deserve?"

Fairly often actually.

Sunny_D3735d ago

I am try to wonder if Wahlberg's role was decent. Sometimes, one actor can be enough to ruin a good plot. I'm scared for how Uncharted will turn out, so this is also making me skeptical.

luke12345673736d ago

@ _JL_: Woops - I stand corrected.

"Christian Bale (Dicky Eklund) is a revelation, playing possibly the most charismatic character in his career and underpinning the role with a real dark side." - were his actual words :D if you fancy a proper look!

I myself just can't 'get' Bale. I know the guy obviously has talent, but I find him horrifically irritating.

Soldierone3736d ago

So thats like 3 ive seen pick The kings speech for the oscar. The one film i have absolutely no interest in at all lol

-MD-3736d ago

I can't muster up enough interest to even watch a trailer for it.

Sunny_D3735d ago

Rofl, Murderdolls, I feel the same way. When I see the word speech in the title, I get reminded of my high school lectures... Oh god, not again.

JL3736d ago

I seriously doubt The King's Speech gets Best Picture. I'm still calling The Social Network. People are just high on The King's Speech because it won the BAFTA Best Film award. Surprise since BAFTA is partial to British movies. If The King's Speech wins, I'll eat my hat.

@Luke below
No it's not. The awards ceremony by critics is the Critics' Choice Awards. Which even still The King's Speech couldn't win that one. The Oscars is done by The Academy which is comprised of industry professionals (fellow filmmakers: directors, producers, actors, etc.).

Soldierone3736d ago

I have the same feeling, I dont think its strong enough in America to justify an Oscar. I was debating between The Social Network and Black Swan.

Honestly what if Inception does win, that would be like the biggest shock of all here lol.

JL3736d ago

lol That would be a shock (if Inception won). But a very welcome shock as far as I'm concerned. However, I think Inception stands a better chance at winning than Black Swan. I don't know, Black Swan (while deserving) just seems too "artsy" and weird to pick up the award.

vegnadragon3735d ago

I seen most of the nominations and i can say if i were to vote the king speech is a hands down winner, for best picture.

JL3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

Really? Hands-down? I've seen them all and The King's Speech would fall into like the 4th or 5th slot for me. It's just an Oscar bait movie. There's nothing special to it. Some solid acting on Firth's part (and even Rush), but definitely nothing special. And quite frankly, fairly boring to a degree.

luke12345673736d ago

@Soldierone - it's a critics award ceremony at the end of the day mate. If your critically acclaimed, your bound to do well.

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