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Know Your Oscar Films: 127 Hours

In the week leading up to the Oscars, TMP is breaking down some of the biggest movies up for awards this year. Today is 127 Hours, and TMP will give the skinny on the movie, the facts, what it's nominated for, and of course TMP's opinion on whether or not it deserves the Oscar.

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JL4669d ago

First off, 127 Hours was a good movie. I did indeed enjoy it and Franco's performance was very good.

That being said, this may end up being one of those cases where the movie (or its actors) might be worthy of an Oscar, but will ultimately walk away empty-handed. It seems that it just gets topped by another movie in each category it's nominated in. Like it could be worthy of an Oscar, but given the competition it's more likely to receive a bunch of second-place finishes and not get the medal in any of them.

I think the best chance for it is in the Best Actor category. In fact, I'd probably give it to Franco. However, I think Firth will walk away with that. The movie might stand a chance in Best Song and possibly Best Film Editing, but I'm not too sure about that (again, because of the stiff competition it's up against).

-MD-4669d ago

The song was PERFECT. At the very least it deserves to win that award.

Sunny_D4663d ago

-James Franco had a stack of text books hidden in his small set to distract him from the claustrophobic conditions.

Oh god, I would hate that feeling!


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