Kevin Costner Up, Up And Away For 'Superman' Role?

Deadline says:

EXCLUSIVE: I'm told that there is heightened interest in Kevin Costner for a key role in the Superman reboot that is being directed by Zack Snyder for Warner Bros and Legendary Pictures. Henry Cavill was recently set in the Man of Steel role. I'm not exactly sure what role Costner is likely to play, but he has certainly been in good guy mode lately. Beyond his performance in the John Wells-directed The Company Men, Costner surfaced as an unlikely hero in aiding the cleanup in the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. British Petroleum purchased over 30 centrifuge machines which separate oil from water, technology that was developed with a reported $24 million in funding by the actor over 15 years.

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Crazay4111d ago

If I were a betting man, I'd say that Costner would be up for the role of Perry White (Editor of the Daily Planet), a rival reporter or Jor-El. Can't really picture him as anything else if this holds out to be true.

CobraKai4111d ago

I was gonna say Perry White. He's not that great an actor to hold a role like Jor-El or Luthor. Maybe Brainiac of the story goes that way.

Soldierone4111d ago

First thing that came to mind was Lex Luthor, since he has to be in the movie one way or another. Or the Daily Sun editor.

Crazay4111d ago

Can you actually see him as Lex? I tried and I just don't see it. In fact I'd be surprised if we even much of Lex if at all in this movie.

darklordzor4111d ago

I couldn't really see him as a Lex Luthor. I think he could do it, but I don't see it. Especially if Lex isn't going to be major (hopefully just a couple mentions).

JL4111d ago

I could definitely see him as the editor. Lex Luthor, though, couldn't picture him as that. And I'm not sure I'd even count on Lex being in this movie.

Thinking about it,

Soldierone4111d ago

Well you cant have Superman without the mention of Lex Luthor in some way lol. Im not saying he will be a major villian, but he will be there. He has to.

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darklordzor4111d ago

Could be interesting if true. I still like Costner no matter what popular opinion of him is. I think he still has 'it'. Could be fun.

JL4111d ago

I've always enjoyed Costner. Never been one of my favorites or anybody I'd include in a Top 10, but always been a solid actor that I like.

Crazay4111d ago

Agreed with both you guys. Costner has never irritated me like so many others. I still think that Dances with Wolves is one of the greatest movies released in the last 25yrs.

Crazay4111d ago

One would think that there would be a mention of Luthor/Luthor Corp to some degree.

Soldierone4111d ago

Exactly lol, you just cant possibly tell a Superman story without him at some degree.

Crazay4110d ago

Another good thought for him is to play the role of Pa Kent. I never really thought about that but that would also be a good spot for him in this movie.

ZeroTolerance4110d ago

I think this is the best role for him to play honestly. It makes sense but only if the movie takes place before he dies or in a flashback.