Original Transformers Series 15-Disc Set To Hit Market In May

CinemaBlend says:

Shout! Factory is in the business of eclectic releases. The company recently announced The Transformers -- The Complete Series, coming to DVD on May 24th. Prior to this, Shout! Factory had released four seasons of the series in various sets. Apparently, the various season releases of The Transformers were not enough for rabid fans, who called for a bolder initiative. Thus, the new set will collect all 15 discs from the other sets in one neat, easier-to-get-a-hold-of package.

The other good news is the new set will feature all of the extras that come with the earlier sets. This means you’ll get 2,220 minutes of viewing pleasure for the price of $99.99, or the remarkable Amazon price of $69.99. Since the other seasons run, on sale, for roughly 20 bucks The Transformers -- The Complete Series is not only an epic set, but it’s also a reasonable one.

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Crazay3739d ago

I don't know why but I just feel I have to wait for a BluRay release of this.

-MD-3739d ago

I can't believe it's only coming on DVD... isn't bluray bigger than dvd now?

Crazay3739d ago

That's kinda what i was pondering myself when I saw this. WTF is up with that anyway?

Sunny_D3738d ago

Yup, 50 GIGS WORTH. Damn, so much wasted plastic. Why not save the environment. Sheesh.

Soldierone3739d ago

it would also be more logical on two accounts

1 Its HD era, who wants to spend that much money on a DVD collection?

2 It would be like what 2 discs on Blu ray?

-MD-3739d ago

Good point on the number of discs. 15 is pretty ridiculous.

Crazay3739d ago

It makes far more sense for sure.

Soldierone3739d ago

I never could get into this show. I always hated it. Thus when the movies came out i didnt want to see them for the longest time.

-MD-3739d ago

I was not a Transformers kid. I'm not even sure if I've ever watched an entire episode of it to be honest.

Crazay3739d ago

Transformers was one of the best shows ever. I'm a child of the 80s though so I guess for the younger folk they wouldn't care so much...Jeasus....did I just say that?

Soldierone3738d ago

haha Im a 90s kid so its all about classic Nickelodeon and GI Joe :P

-MD-3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

I was born in 1990 so I was more into Nickelodeon and cartoon network (cartoon cartoon fridays were the best!)

Power Rangers, Pee Wee, Dragon Ball Z. That kinda stuff.

CobraKai3738d ago

For the life of me, it always bugged me how Megatron can transform into a gun Starscream can use then be a robot as big as Optimus Prime!! WTF!!!! Not to mention that I saw Ironhide getting transported by Ratchet.

hazelamy3738d ago

size was alway something of a fluid concept in the original animated series, sometimes they'l tower over other transformers that are in vehicle mode, and other times they'll be able to get inside them, sometimes even sitting in the drivers seat.

that's before you eve get to the giant robots that transform into objects you could carry around, like megatron, soundwave or blaster.

i'm glad they got rid of all that size changing stuff for the live action movies, and made them all bigger, bumblebee wasn't much bigger than a human in the cartoon.

Crazay3738d ago

It would have been pretty tough to sell a giant robot turning himself into a powerful handgun in the movies for sure.