Couch Potato Club Review: Paul

Paul is an enjoyable and funny sci-fi road movie sure to please all Pegg and Frost fans.

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost made their mark as a duo back in 2004 with the hit zombie comedy Shaun of the Dead. They once again collaborated with Shaun director Edgar Wright on Hot Fuzz in 2007. From then on, I just loved these two guys on screen. Reminiscent of such comedy duos as Farley & Spade or Martin & Aykroyd, Frost & Pegg deliver such on-screen chemistry and humor that it’s almost instant magic when they’re on the screen together. Paul proves to be no different. While probably the least funny of the duo’s three outings, Paul still provides many laughs and will not leave fans of the duo disappointed.

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-MD-4111d ago (Edited 4111d ago )

Decent score. I'm hopeful it'll be good.

Frost/Pegg and Kristen Wiig(<3). This might warrant a trip to the theater.

JL4111d ago

Something to keep in mind too: my approach to scoring tends to be a bit low. For example, I will RARELY give a 10/10. Thus, scores are sort of stepped down a notch. Inception, one of the best movies I've seen in a long time and my movie of the year for last year, was just a 9/10.

-MD-4111d ago

I used to use a 10/10 rating system when I rated films but I realized I never gave a movie (even horrible ones) anything below a 5.

I started using a 5/5 system and it seems a bit better. At least I'm able to hand out 1's and 2'a if the movies are abysmal.

JL4111d ago

I'll have no problem giving out below a 5/10 if the movie warrants it. 5/10 for me (on my scale) pretty much constitutes an average/middle-of-the-road movie. So if a movie is slightly below average (or just horrible) it will get below that. Though, much like the rarity of me giving a movie 10/10, it would probably be just as rare for me to give one 1/10. Maybe even rarer because if the movie sucks that bad, chances are it looks like it will suck and I'll never have a desire to watch it in the first place.

Crazay4111d ago

Good Post JL. This was on my radar for a little while now and seems that I'll have to be sure to check this out.

-MD-4111d ago

Have you seen any other of Frost/Pegg's efforts? They're really good.

Crazay4109d ago

I have yes - Shaun of the Dead was fantastic though I can't say I've seen Hot Fuzz. Not sure why but it just didn't resonate with me in any way so I never sought it out.

JL4111d ago

Thanks Crazay. Definitely if you're a fan of Frost and Pegg (or even a Rogen fan) this will be one you'll want to check out.

-MD-4111d ago

How much screen time does Wiig have? The trailers make her look like a main character almost. Did they give her some funny material to play around with?

JL4111d ago

Once she actually appears in the movie, yes she becomes a main character. And she has plenty of funny material to play around with.

Sunny_D4105d ago

Paul seemed to have an interesting premise, but it seems hit or miss.