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Info on a Strange Fight Scene in Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man

BigFanBoy says:

Occasionally we get some exclusive scoops sent our way, and this one is quite interesting. The Amazing Spider-Man, directed by Marc Webb, is currently shooting, though outside of the actors involved and the roles they’re playing, little is known about the plot. Let’s review a few things. Andrew Garfield (The Social Network) is playing Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Emma Stone (Easy A) is playing Gwen Stacy, Rhys Ifans (Greenberg) is playing Dr. Curt Conners/The Lizard, Martin Sheen is Uncle Ben Parker, Sally Field is Aunt May Parker, Iffran Khan (Slumdog Millionaire) is Nels Van Adder, and Denis Leary (Rescue Me) is Captain George Stacy. Now we know that Spidey fights The Lizard in this movie, that much is common knowledge, but we’re hearing about another scene that could be quite memorable in the film.

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Crazay4114d ago

I'm good with the Lizard as the villain in this movie. I'd also like to see Mysterio or Kraven.

-MD-4114d ago (Edited 4114d ago )

I never read the comics but Lizard looks sweet. Much better than whatever lame villians they had in the other Spider-Man movies.

Cept Venom. Venoms awesome (for all of 5 minutes)

Soldierone4114d ago

Doc Oc is pretty cool. As a villian he isn't that amazing, but its the story revolving around it thats neat. I was never a fan of Green Goblin though so i agree there.

Venom and Carnage will always be the best.

-MD-4114d ago (Edited 4114d ago )

I'd love to see Carnage on the big screen. I heard there were rumors of a Carnage spin-off movie as well as a Venom movie.

Soldierone4114d ago

Yeah Sony had a Venom spinoff movie, plus they had a two part Spiderman planned. It had Tobey and what not still and was gonna continue that, but people wanted money and so on and now here we are with a reboot.

-MD-4114d ago

They had a 2 part Spider-Man planned? That would have been pretty sweet.

I think they'll handle the future of the Spider-Man movies better the 2nd time around. At least I hope they do...

Soldierone4114d ago

Yeah they had a movie scripted, but it was so long they were splitting it up into two movies. It was going to be like a pirates style thing. I beleive Carnage was rumored to be in that script.

VenomCarnage894113d ago

Taking a quick glance at my name... I think one would find that I agree with you that Venom and Carnage will always be the best (Spiderman 3 not being counted haha)

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Soldierone4114d ago

Was kinda expecting it to be the Lizard anyways. I mean its Amazing Spiderman and those always start off with the lizard.

Crazay4114d ago

Doc Ock was and still is a great Villain for Spidey. A proper Carnage/Venom story arc is needed in a big way though.

shadow27974114d ago (Edited 4114d ago )


Lizard army? I don't like the sound of that. The lizard is awesome when he's solo (provided he looks good in costume), but I've always felt adding other lizard-men was a bit cheesy.

I really don't know how to feel about this film. There are things I love about it, and things I'm not sure about or dislike. Still, it's one of my most anticipated movies, so I hope it's good.

Crazay4113d ago

What camp are you in with respects to the Costume? Love or hate and why?

shadow27974113d ago

Similar to my feelings about the movie, my feelings for the costume are mixed. Generally, I like it. I like the materials they used and the fact that it looks more "home-made" than Raimi's. I love that they're using web cartridges, also.

But I don't like the absence of a belt in front (where does he keep his refills?). I'm also not a fan of the blue on his hands, even though it's kind of a throw-back. I also wish the spider on the back was a bit more prominent. Basically, I think there should be more red on the suit.

But those are all nit-picks that I'll probably get over. As I said, overall, I like it and they certainly could have done worse. I definitely wouldn't call it bad, it's just a bit different from what I'm used to or was expecting.

Sunny_D4108d ago

Yeah, that would be sweet, but what if he combined witht he symbiote suit?

Sunny_D4108d ago

Venom sucked in Spider man 3. What kind of Venom was that? He was soooo small for a Venom. Not only that, but, he still had the cocky bastard voice, which ruined for me.