My Year in Films, Week 6: Getting Animated and Pointing Fingers

That Movie Pocast's Zack Shourds details his 6th week in describing his year-long goal of watching 2 movies a day.

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-MD-4196d ago

2 films a day for a year? That'd be impossible if you have a job and go out for a night of socializing.

I don't do anything (lol) and it's sometimes hard for me to watch 2 movies in a day.

ThatMoviePodcast4195d ago

I also wanted to comment that I have no intentions of ever repeating this self-imposed goal, haha.

ThatMoviePodcast4195d ago

Haha, I assure it's not the most difficult task. It's all about boring time-management.

-For the record this is Zack from the article. I recently graduated college, have a part-time job and would like to think I still fit a decent amount of socializing into my life :)

-MD-4195d ago

Haha no need to explain your situation and hopefully I didn't offend you as that wasn't my intention. I'm just saying as a person with a lot of free time I still find it hard to watch 2 films in a day.

I hope you meet your goal though. It's a tough one.

ThatMoviePodcast4195d ago

Not offended at all- and thanks- I hope I meet my goal too :)

So far I am quite pleased with the sheer variety of films I've encountered.