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Ringer Spy Mr. Anderson Shares Miramar Shots says:

Ringer Spy Mr. Anderson sends along these exclusive pics of The Hobbit sets being built in Miramar, NZ. If you look closely at some of the pictures, you’ll notice that the architecture seems to resemble that of Moria. I’m sure we can all draw our own conclusions, but could this be a flashforward sequence for Moria? Maybe we are getting a peak into the Lonely Moutain? Or maybe it has nothing to do with Dwarves at all! Share your thoughts and click the ‘continue reading’ below for the full gallery.

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-MD-4190d ago

Making a movie looks like such a pain in the ass. Look at how much work is involved in creating and setting up those sets. Then again I'd take a pain in the ass for a couple million dollars.

A lot of this stuff is probably being reused though lol.

Crazay4190d ago

Just imagine being those poor bastards that build the sets and then watch them get rigged with explosives and destroyed. =P

-MD-4190d ago

Ugh the thought of that just pisses me off lol. I guess that's why movies have like 400 people working on it instead of 20 though right?

It's kinda like spending all month in shop class to build a rocket only to watch it launch once and blow up (been there).

Crazay4190d ago

I actually couldn't be less excited for this movie. I tried really really hard to enjoy Lord of the Rings. I've yet to see a single one all the way through because they're all so painfully boring and long winded.

-MD-4190d ago

Really? It's been forever since I seen them but I remember 2 being pretty action packed. I think I caught that one in theaters.

I tried watching the third one and got bored so I never finished it. My friend has told me multiple times that it's the most action packed one and overall the best in the series.

Crazay4190d ago

Really - I think Kevin Smith's simplistic overview of the series is perfectly accurate. "It's a movie about people walking".

-MD-4190d ago

Lol that scene was fu**ing hilarious. I died.

Sunny_D4184d ago

Why is it that every set pieces that I see always takes place in some sort of parking lot, lol. But, the set seems interesting, but not by much.