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Weekend Box Office: 'Unknown' Wins, 'I Am Number Four' is Actually No. 2

Cast Liam Neeson as the defiant leading man in a thriller, then schedule it to be released in theaters in February. Know what you have? A box office success.

More on what that means (hint: it involves "Unknown" being the number one movie in the country), along with the usual congratulations, condolences and the list of the weekend's top five films in this week's box office rundown.

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-MD-4191d ago

I expected Never Say Never to do better. I'm glad Unknown is #1 since I like Liam.

I can't believe Martin Lawrence snagged 17 million for that horrible movie.

Soldierone4190d ago

I cant stand his movies like that at all. Then add Tylor Perry's not funny comedies to the mix and im confused as hell on how they make any money....

Soldierone4190d ago

Im not entirely suprised. I thought I am number four had a bigger chance to be number one though. When I went the theater was packed, but it was also in a smaller theater so Unknown could of had more people in it.

Lets see how they survive a second week.

-MD-4190d ago

Big Mamma's House is probably going to drop 75% during the second weekend.

If not then people have horrible taste in movies.

Soldierone4190d ago

They always die off fast. I dont even know where the audience comes from. Back when TDK released and one of those came out, it still had a line of people. I can honestly sit through those films and not laugh a single time....

He used to be funny with Will Smith in Bad Boys, and now all he does is make that goofy face or pretend to be a woman.

Sunny_D4184d ago

I knew Unknown would win. But, it fell to Hall Pass now.