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'King's Speech,' 'Black Swan' Both Pass $100M Domestic Mark

The Weinstein Company's "King's Speech" and Fox Searchlight's "Black Swan" both passed the $100 million mark domestically this weekend, with the films grossing $103.3 million and $101.8 milllion, according to respective studio estimates through Sunday.

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-MD-3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

I didn't contribute to any of that sadly. I really did want to see Black Swan in theaters but nobody wanted to go =(

King's Speech I'm not really in a RUSH (bazinga) to see.

Soldierone3731d ago

I was never really interested in either film, but i think this puts both back in the running for best picture. Now the Acadamy cant be blamed for picking a movie that hardly made any money.

-MD-3731d ago

The trailer for Black Swan didn't interest you in the slightest? How is this possible.

Soldierone3731d ago

Visually it looked cool, i just didnt understand what it was about. I honestly thought it was some book for high school kids adaptaions lol

-MD-3731d ago

I don't really understand what it's about either. I think that's mainly the reason I want to see it so badly.

JL3730d ago

Any fan of the thriller genre should definitely absolutely see Black Swan.

I'm half surprised it's made this much money. Good for it.

-MD-3730d ago

I thought it would be too artsy for it to perform well but I guess I was wrong. The Oscar buzz really helped it out big time though it looks like.

Not to mention Natalie Portman is in the news every 30 seconds these days.