Justin Bieber No. 1 With Many Bullets -- Watch Him Get Shot on ‘CSI’

Justin Bieber’s return to "CSI" wrapped up his story arc in the most final way possible (Sorry, kids): The singer, playing troubled youth Jason McCann, went down shooting and getting riddled with return fire.

Check out Bieber’s dramatic death below.

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-MD-4196d ago (Edited 4196d ago )

Who doesn't want to see Justin Bieber get lit up by bullets? Let's be honest here. I watched it twice =)

Soldierone4196d ago

The more I watch the more I realize he didn't do it right lol. Notice they cut it like 4 times, he like had a seizure lol

-MD-4196d ago

Lol his head shoots backwards and forwards as he falls down. This kid wants to become an actor too.

Save us all.

Sunny_D4196d ago

Ok, I don't like to wish death on any person, no matter how annoying they maybe or how much of a gimmick, they are. But, I have to admit, I enjoyed this scene one too many time. ;) Even if his acting is terrible.

Soldierone4196d ago

My GF was making fun of this scene the entire day yesterday lol, and everytime we see that Bestbuy commercial she laughs.

-MD-4196d ago

I don't really like the bestbuy one. It's kind of creepy seeing him bald.

Sunny_D4196d ago

It's really creepy seeing him at all, actually. 0_0

Soldierone4196d ago

To be honest i didnt know it was him till someone pointed it out, and now its annoying....

OhReginald4196d ago

i liked the part where the guy told bieber to shut the hell up.

SRTold4196d ago

Great video, I could watch this all day long. My only regret is that nobody shot him in the head, thus giving him a long needed haircut.

Soldierone4196d ago

Well his head jerked back 10 times so its hard lol, in real life that would of happened. BAM and fall like a sack of sand.

-MD-4196d ago

Lol this video has 9 million views on youtube already with over 100,000 likes and only 4000 dislikes.

Sunny_D4194d ago

Th emajority of Youtube users hate JB. That's why most comments on music videos are about comparing it to JB. Hello, the more you talk about him, the more hits he gets. It gets annoying.

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