Tim Allen to Star in New ABC 'The Last Days of Man' Sitcom Pilot

ABC just persuaded a major player from its glory days to come back and engage in a little home improvement. Tim Allen — whose long-running role as Tim Taylor on Home Improvement helped to propel ABC to No. 1 — will star in an unnamed multi-camera comedy pilot (the working title was The Last Days of Man).

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Soldierone4112d ago

Home Improvement was awesome, but I thought he was pretty much done with TV. I guess we will see how this goes.

-MD-4112d ago (Edited 4112d ago )

I was also a fan of Home Improvement. I've probably seen damn near every episode.

Soldierone4112d ago

i grew up watching it lol. Their last episode was the only show where i was like AWW MANNNN! haha

-MD-4111d ago (Edited 4111d ago )

Him and Al were the best. They made the show. I heard the chick that played the mom demanded more money or something and that's why the show ended.

Soldierone4111d ago

Well it was on for so long that the ratings were not going to go anywhere but down, the kids were getting super old (so the show would of had drastic changes) and obviously some of the cast wanted more money. At the end of the day its better the show ends on a positive note than a sour one.

Crazay4111d ago

Tim Allen back in a comedy series will def. grab my attention. I'm a fan of his and continue to love Home Improvement.

Sunny_D4105d ago

Tim Allen was Toy Story 3 was it not. I think he can do a couple of more movies or shows before he calls it quits.