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Toy Story Shorts Attached to Cars 2 and The Muppets

Toy Story 3 will compete for Best Picture at the 83rd Annual Academy Awards next weekend, and it seems that we will be seeing more from this animated franchise in theaters this year. Two new Pixar shorts featuring the Toy Story 3 characters will be attached to Cars 2, which hits theaters on June 24, and The Muppets, which debuts November 24.

The first short is entitled Toy Story Hawaiian Vacation and you can read the plot details below.

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-MD-3734d ago

Why so soon? Toy Story 3 just came out. They should have waited to attach these to Monsters Inc 2 and something else next year.

A better idea would have been to attach a Monsters Inc short to Cars 2 to get people excited about the sequel.

Soldierone3733d ago

Probably a marketing move on their behalf also. People hear Toy Story, now they want to see these movies. Obviously Cars (at least in the community here) isn't too hot or attractive. Meanwhile Monsters is pretty big deal.

Sunny_D3733d ago

No! The faster they show us, the better!. I just finished watching Toy Story 3, and I was so sad for the ending. I wanted more, because I didn't feel satisfied.


When Andy started playing with them as he gave away the toys. Kind of gave me a lump in my throat. Childhood memories...

Just shows you, no matter how old you get, you're still a big kid at heart.

JL3733d ago

I think it's a great idea to do it while it's still fresh in everybody's mind. Wait too long and you risk people not caring because "eh, it's just a short, that will only tease me and leave me unsatisfied cause I'd rather have a full movie, it's been so long".

Now though, with Toy Story 3 not out long people will still feel that attachment and be curious to see more. I think they should continue doing it beyond these two shorts as well.

Soldierone3733d ago

I was already planning to see Cars 2 so this should be cool. But I still wont be dragged to see The Muppets, sorry to any of the fans lol.

-MD-3733d ago

The only way I'd see Muppets is if someone bought my ticket.

Soldierone3733d ago

Even then i wouldnt go, id take my brother then have a two hour pee lol

Sunny_D3733d ago

Thank you! I hate the muppets so much! I always thought they sucked. Especially, the pig and frog...

Crazay3733d ago

You guys suck - The Muppets are iconic.

-MD-3733d ago

Never liked them. Even when I was a kid.

JL3733d ago

I enjoyed the Muppets well enough. Never my favorite by any means, but I liked them fine enough.

Soldierone3733d ago

Yeah even as a little kid I hated them. I could never sit through an entire episode at all no matter the age i was lol. my brothers wont watch it either, guess its a family thing lol

Sunny_D3731d ago

The only thing I liked about them was the 3d ride in Disney World in Orlando.

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