Interview With William Fichtner On Drive Angry 3D

WGTC writes: Crash, The Dark Knight, Black Hawk Down, Prison Break and Entourage. These are just some of the projects that William Fichtner has been a part of. He’s an actor who really needs no introduction and when you see him in Drive Angry 3D, opening February 25th, you’ll certainly recognize him.

In the film, he plays The Accountant, a supernatural operative sent to Earth by Satan. He is tasked with bringing a man named Milton (Nicolas Cage) back to Hell. Milton has broken out of Hell and is intent on trying stop a cult from sacrificing his granddaughter.

Fichtner was recently in Toronto to promote the film and WGTC got a chance to speak to him. Along with a few other journalists, we were able to ask him some questions about the film and his role in it.

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-MD-4112d ago

Dark Knight? Who did he play in The Dark Knight?

-MD-4112d ago (Edited 4112d ago )

Nobody replied so I googled it.

Color me impressed lol.

Quagmire4109d ago

You fucking kidding me? He was in the first 10mins of the film.

Sunny_D4105d ago

Lmao! you mean to tell me that brave or bold bank manager with a shotgun was able to get a role in a film? Lol, he was pretty cool, until he passed out...