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Akira Movie Gets Scriptwriter, Mila Kunis Almost Attached

Mania Says:

There's a couple of pieces of movement out there today after the previous reporting about James Franco being in talks to take on the role of Kaneda in the live action Akira adaptation. First there's word out of Variety that they've got a new scriptwriter on it with Steve Kloves having been hired to work on the current draft of the script and get it up to where they want it based on the usual evolution of a film. Kloves is rather well known at the moment as being the one who wrote the screenplays for the Harry Potter movies outside of the fifth one, though some film lovers will go back to one of his best works where he wrote and directed The Fabulous Baker Boys.

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Crazay3989d ago

Goddamn I just can't see how they'll turn this into a live action flick. Akira is one of the best Anime films ever made. To take it to the live action realm would somehow cheapen the experience. Can anyone honestly see an american guy playing the role of Tetsuo or Kaneda? No way. If they even deviate just a little from the source material I'd be furious.

-MD-3989d ago

"Mila Kunis Almost Attached"

Which means I almost would have watched it.

Sunny_D3983d ago

Akira was awesome. Why are they turning it into a live action movie? I was hoping they would keep it in the classic animation genre. Damn it, Hollywood.