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Chris writes: "I am a movie nerd. I may not be as vocal on the site about my movie nerdery as I am about my video game nerdery, but the fact remains that my movie nerdery is strong. Unfortunately, at times, I can come off as a bit pretentious about the cinematic arts, and this may end up being one such occasion.

One of the classic pretensions in film is the black & white movie. Now, I say this with a fair amount of self-deprecation, because some of my favorite movies are in black & white. However, they are not in my list of favorite movies because they are in black & white. They are simply wonderful movies that happen to be in black & white. Many people now will refuse to watch a black & white film because they are under the impression that it will be boring, or irrelevantly old. They are so incredibly wrong."

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-MD-4115d ago

Can't say I'm a fan of black and white films. They were before my time.

There are good black and white movies though don't get me wrong.

Soldierone4115d ago

Ive seen a couple where the lighting in them was extremely neat. As for films that HAD to be in black and white, im not a fan of those.

However i notice they can be creative

Sunny_D4108d ago

The only thing I can watch in black and white was the Twilight Zone.