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Deep Silver: No Dead Island Film Adaptation in the Works

Since video games publisher Deep Silver revealed the upcoming game Dead Island, its accompanying promotional trailer has created a tremendous amount of buzz.

As a result, the company has received numerous inquiries into the film adaptation rights to the Dead Island IP. Contrary to internet rumors, neither the film rights nor any other licenses have been sold by Deep Silver.

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-MD-4192d ago (Edited 4192d ago )

How disappointing. At least they're considering it.

LtSkittles4192d ago

"Kundratitz then went on to say that the company would like to work with sombody who already has a proven track record in making blockbuster films."
Get Christopher Nolan to do it ;D

JL4192d ago

Hmm not really sure I'd care for Nolan doing a zombie film. I don't know how well I'd like that. I mean sure he's Nolan, he could maybe pull it off, but I don't know.

Get Snyder to do it. He did awesome with the Dawn of the Dead remake :D Though he is busy with Superman and I'd prefer them to hold Xerxes back for him to do after Superman.

So...get Danny Boyle to do it. I loved 28 Days Later :) Or they could even get Juan Carlos Fresnadillo to do it. I liked his sequel to 28 Days Later as well.

LtSkittles4192d ago

Yeah, I'm sure anyone with someone with track record would do great, I was just making a statement, but I'm sure anyone they would get would have to do an amazing job before getting the rights, and I hope they do, and not get either Uwe Boll, or Michael Bay.

Soldierone4192d ago

What about Breck Eisner, The Crazies was friggin awesome. It obviously didnt have a super high budget, but he still made it look cool. Given him a little time to work the zombies out better and he could make a kick ass zombie flick. I like how he actually pulled off horror with it too.

-MD-4192d ago

Danny Boyle is going to be doing 28 Months Later soon so that would probably be zombie overkill for him. Snyder did a fantastic job on his Dawn of the Dead remake though.

I want to see a 2nd Snyder zombie flick.

JL4191d ago

Danny Boyle isn't attached to 28 Months Later. He's only said he wouldn't mind directing it. But that's far from any guarantee that he will.

Also, it won't be soon if he does. It's been said that movie won't get around to being greenlit for another couple years probably.

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JL4192d ago

I actually don't hate Michael Bay as much as some (most). I just realize he's all style no substance and leave it at that and never expect more. In which case, he can make some cool style stuff.

Uwe Boll on the other hand: somebody needs to stop giving him money. Seriously.

I would really like to see any of the three I mentioned do another zombie movie though. And I do have to admit, the idea of Nolan doing a zombie movie is intriguing. If for no other reason than to wonder "Hmmmm....could he do it?".

On your point though, yea Nolan has about the best track record there is. The guy has yet to make a bad movie. He's just plain awesome. That's why he's definitely on my list of greats.

LtSkittles4192d ago

Same here, just have to watch Inception, Insomnia, and The Prestige. Memento has to be my favorite film of his, besides The Dark Knight.

JL4192d ago

Meaning you haven't seen Inception, Insomnia or The Prestige? Yea, you definitely need to get on that. Especially Inception. The Prestige is damn good too and Insomnia is good as well.

Memento beats The Dark Knight in my book. Though TDK is still an awesome movie. Memento though is just....REALLY awesome. Memento definitely makes my Top 10 all-time favorites, quite possibly my Top 5 (yea, probably so).

LtSkittles4192d ago (Edited 4192d ago )

I haven't had any way to watch his other films, but it hasn't been that I don't want just no way of seeing them, and I will watch films from the other directors you mentioned too. Thank you for the suggestions.
@below lol yeah.

JL4192d ago

Well guess you'll have to start commenting more to get involved in these contests and start winning you some movies, then. That way you can catch up on Nolan's awesome catalog lol

Soldierone4192d ago

Honestly, after how disgraceful Uwe Boll is I dont know how he still has a job. Im almost positive it can all be blamed on his halfway decent movie Rampage. Its the only bearable movie he has ever made.

I highly doubt Nolan will pick up a zombie flick, especially a zombie adaptation. He likes the more mystical thinking type movies, i think thats the right word for it? Then again when Batman is over he may need another franchise to turn to.

-MD-4192d ago

Nolan seems to be after awards. Zombie movies aren't really known to rack up awards.

He probably would never do a film like this. Although he SHOULD.

JL4191d ago

It's funny you bring up Rampage. I have it in my instant queue cause it sounded pretty decent. Then one day I noticed Uwe did it. And since then I've been kinda hesitant to actually watch it. So it just sits in my instant queue lol

I wouldn't say Nolan is after awards. He just likes doing thriller movies with intelligent scripts. Lately it seems he's trying to perfect the art of blending intelligent movies with blockbuster style (which I think he all but perfected with Inception). So, not so much that he's chasing awards. Rather I think he's trying to evolve the medium and find that perfect blend that incorporates the best of both worlds.

Soldierone4191d ago

The entire movie is in the title. A guy goes and kills tons of people. The entire "story" is told in the last 5 minutes of the film, no joke.

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Sunny_D4184d ago

Uwe Boll no matter how many times, fans have said it, he still goes and does whatever he can to anger them. YOU SUCK BALLS! PLEASE STOP MAKING MOVIES!