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Chris Evans Talks To Total Film About Taking On Captain America

Total Film:Chris Evans has spoken exclusively to Total Film about the demands of taking on the Captain America role.

Evans was cast as the iconic comic hero for Marvel's The First Avenger, and he'll also be appearing in superhero team-up The Avengers.

"It's a big commitment," he tells us. "At one point it was nine pictures. We've got it down to six but still, that's making a decision for a big portion of your life."

"I love acting but there are other things I want to do. I want to write and direct. If the movies do well and they want to exercise all six films, I could be doing this until I'm 40."

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-MD-4190d ago

Good lord they had 9 films in the plans and they got it down to 6? He would have had grey hair by the time the original 9 films ended their run.

Soldierone4190d ago

With Captain America, Avengers, and cross overs itd be like one movie a year for him. 9 movies isnt really 9 Captain America movies, its 9 Captain America appearances. Will Smith does one to two movies a year.

-MD-4190d ago

True. Still 9 appearances is A LOT.

Soldierone4190d ago

Marvel is just playing it smart and securing actors for a franchise of films. Meanwhile WB made the mistake of thinking franchise is only three core movies and no Justive League.

-MD-4190d ago

I'm sure the Justice League is right around the corner. I'd much rather me in Marvel's position right now though as far as how they're setting their franchises up for crossovers.

Soldierone4190d ago

Yeah, but WB had absolutely no interest in it till now. Harry Potter is ending and Marvel makes bank off super hero films.

WB has had like 4 or 5 Batman/Superman scripts go right through them. They didn't sign Christian Bale to appear in anything other than 3 Batman films, Superman never gets support, and Ryan Reynolds is trying to play every other superhero they have haha. Im a MASSIVE Justice League fan, but the fact that movie probably wont have all the same actors is kinda lame.

Sunny_D4189d ago

It would have been epic if they had a Justice League movie, where they said JUSTICE LEAGUE UNITE! But, bale as Batman would be in a corner brooding or not there at the scene.

-MD-4189d ago

"bale as Batman would be in a corner brooding or not there at the scene."