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Nicarevolution Oscar 2011 Predictions

The Oscar are just around the corner here in nicarevolution give predictions for the winners in the major categories to be delivered next Sunday .

Each prediction is based on Previous award winners as the Golden Globes, SAG, WGA, PGA, Critics Choice Awards among others as well as the criticism and the perception of the audience

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-MD-4116d ago (Edited 4116d ago )

I seriously believe How to Train Your Dragon was superior to Toy Story 3 and it deserves the win.

I don't see how Natalie Portman could lose her award either. She's the only person I ever hear brought up for best actress everywhere I go. I haven't even seen Black Swan but based off the buzz alone I'll be SHOCKED if she doesn't win.

Soldierone4116d ago

I agree with How to train your dragon by far. I think its dumb Tangled wasn't nominated.

and Portman not getting the award is even more stupid than inception not receiving an award.

leotorrentes4115d ago

i know dude how to train your dragon had a story that make us cry that ending wow dude i would have never expected .excellente movie bro

antoniomt4116d ago

most of the mainly categories are a locked down just like the year that helen mirren won for the queen..i just do not think so that there will be any surprises maybe melissa leo could lose

leotorrentes4115d ago

the king,s speech is gonna take it all home can wrote it down