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Paramount To Distribute Martin Scorsese's 'Hugo Cabret' For Thanksgiving

EXCLUSIVE: Paramount Pictures has stepped up to become the distributor of the Martin Scorsese-directed 3D film Hugo Cabret, with the studio locking a November 23 release date, the day before Thanksgiving. The adaptation of the Brian Selznick novel is produced and financed by GK Films and Graham King felt strongly that the five-day Thanksgiving holiday was the optimum time for the picture to open. Hugo Cabret was originally slated to be distributed by Sony Pictures, under GK Films' output deal. Sony had the film originally scheduled for a December 9 release and when the studio couldn't provide the requested Thanksgiving date, Sony Pictures agreed to let GK Films move the picture.

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-MD-4194d ago

'Muppets', 'Arthur Christmas' and 'Rise of the Apes' are all debuting on the same day Hugo Cabret is releasing.


JL4194d ago

Muppets could be good. I need to see more to decide whether it's something I'd go to the theater for, or just wait till it hits DVD.

Rise of the Apes I really have no big yearning to see. Something I'd probably Netflix once they get it.

Arthur Christmas looks like it could be a fun little movie for the kids; and the adults that can still get in touch with their inner child enough to enjoy kids films like that from time to time (like myself lol).

Hugo Cabret though sounds very interesting. If for no other reason, I want to see it cause it's Scorsese. It has a solid cast too. And sounds like an interesting story.

As it stands, Hugo seems the more likely one for me to choose of those four to see at the theaters if I could only pick one.

-MD-4193d ago

I have no desire to see Muppets at all. I never liked them. Rise of the Apes is another "don't care" from me. Hugo Cabret I want to watch almost entirely because of Chloe Moretz (Scorsese being the other reason).

I don't even know what Arthur Christmas is. What do you think the box office will turn out to be at the end of that weekend? Who comes out on top between those 4?

A lot of people are saying Muppets will take it.

JL4193d ago

If we're talking box office numbers, I'd probably have to agree that Muppets takes it. Depending on what kind of publicity they put behind it, it could be by a hefty margin too.

If they don't advertise it well, or if Rise of the Apes is advertised well, those two could be close to one another. Could be dependent on how "blockbuster action" they go with Rise of the Apes and what type of rating it gets too.

If I have to make a guess though I say Muppets comes out on top for those 4. Then Rise of the Apes. Then Hugo, then Arthur.

Sunny_D4186d ago

I'm up for any movie Scorcese makes.