Narnia Producer Perry Moore Found Dead of Overdose

The tragic news has been making the rounds that Perry Moore, the co-producer of "The Chronicles of Narnia," was found dead in his New York City apartment on Thursday at the far-too young age of 39. Found on his bathroom floor by his partner Hunter Hill, it's being reported Moore may have had an accidental overdose on the painkiller OxyContin, having suffered serious and chronic back pain for years, although the initial autopsy is still inconclusive.

Besides being pivotal in bringing C.S. Lewis' beloved fantasy series to the screen in 2005, Moore also recently wrote, produced and co-directed the independent film Lake City with Sissy Spacek and Troy Garrity, along with Hunter Hill. Moore also wrote "Hero," a book about a gay superhero. as well as an illustrated book about the making of The Lion, The WItch and the Wardrobe.

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darklordzor4112d ago

Wow, this is just so tragic. I hate seeing this news because it seems like it happens way to much. 39 is way too young.

-MD-4112d ago

Yeah it's a shame. Nobody should die before they turn 40. Hell nobody should die before they turn 50!

Soldierone4112d ago

Its always terrible news....

Even though i stil have yet to open Narnia from its plastic lol.

-MD-4112d ago

Watch it in honor of Perry Moore. Or leave it wrapped.

I'd probably leave it wrapped XD

Soldierone4112d ago

Yeah, it will probably end up on TV by this time or Netflix. Might as well just save it for the hell of it.

Sunny_D4112d ago

I liked the 1st one, but not the second. But, R.I.P. to this man

-MD-4112d ago

I haven't seen either of the Narnia movies. Never appealed to me.

Sunny_D4110d ago

Well, the first had a better plot, so the previews can decieve you.