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Justin Bieber: Never Say Never (2011) - Popzara Review

An engaging look at the internet phenomenon-turned-superstar that will please fans while providing a fascinating subtext of caution. Full review by Chris Panfolfi.

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-MD-4190d ago

I don't really have any reason to watch this. I have a feeling someone will download it and make me sit through it though.

How much of a story could a 16 year old possibly tell?

Soldierone4190d ago

They actually threw in interesting points for non justin bieber fans too. I wasnt a fan or anything and my GF brought me to see it, and i enoyed it.

They talk about how a youtube star was picked up, and how usher completely ignored him and blew him off because he was nobody. They talk about how they set up perforomances and what not too. That stuff was interesting to me.

I just wish they showed how Usher blew him off and Justin Timberlake picked him up. Then Usher threw a fit and got him back. Watching this movie you can see Usher is just using him to get popular again, when he does his sony "with" Bieber, Justin disapears into the background while Usher "sings."

-MD-4190d ago (Edited 4190d ago )

Really? I might actually watch it then. Usher sounds like a dick.

Soldierone4190d ago

They do everything they can to make it seem like he isn't, but if you pay attention you realize he is. At the beginning of the movie Biebers agent talks about how Usher completely blew him off and said Bieber would never do anything.

I wouldnt pay to see it in theaters, but rent it on DVD or something.

-MD-4190d ago

I torrent everything. I only see really worthy movies in theaters (or whatever the person I'm with wants to see)

Sunny_D4182d ago

Like OMG! I love this movie! I love JB! -_- Curse my niece for liking him. UGHH