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Unknown (2011) - Popzara Review

An exciting and well-written thriller helped along by believable characters and a surprisingly good and appropriate conclusion. Full review by Chris Pandolfi.

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-MD-4194d ago

It's currently sitting at a 55% on Rottentomatoes. I don't really consider that low though. Only when movies dip below 40% do I start to question if it's even worth my time.

Soldierone4194d ago

I have Movies app on my phone. Tomatoes has it at a low score, but the user reviews is like 90 percent right now. Same with I am number four, its at like 40 and user reviews is at 80.

I noticed Tomatoes gives A LOT of movies very bad scores, until they pick up are about to leave theaters. Tangled has like a 20 percent when sales were slow, then suddenly it started doing well and it jumped up to the 80's.

-MD-4194d ago (Edited 4194d ago )

It just takes the number of critics that voted it below and above 6/10 and then seperates them into 2 groups 'rotten' and 'fresh'.

The real scores are under the %. This particular film is averaging a 5.8/10 from all the critics.

Sorry if you knew all that lol.

JL4194d ago

Yea RottenTomatoes is where I usually go for a quick overview of movies (if we don't have enough reviews on here already), but that's the one thing I don't like about them. They put that emphasis on the Fresh or Rotten score instead of the average rating.

For instance: let's say The Dark Knight has 10 sites that give it a 10/10 and then 5 that give it a 9/10, then 5 more that give it a 5/10 (you have those artsy critics that don't like anything that contains action and isn't pretentious). So the Fresh or Rotten score would be 75% when it's average is really 8.5/10. Well then let's say another movie comes along that gets ten 6/10s, five 7/10s and five 4/10s. This also gives it a Fresh or Rotten score of 75%, making it appear like it's on the same level of TDK. When in fact it's real average is 5.75/10. Far from that 8.5/10.

Anyways, sorry. Long meaningless rant I guess. I just don't like how they put that emphasis on that freshness ranking when it is figured by such a flawed algorithm.

Soldierone4194d ago

Did not know thats how it works to be honest with you lol. I just noticed the trend of movies I enjoyed being rated extremely low during the early stages. I notice the actual bad movies get lower and stay lower though.

Personally I always turn to user reviews, or sites like the ones posted here for my research on movies. They make movies for people like us and its about finding those reviewers or people that like similar stuff as you.

-MD-4193d ago

I avoid user reviews because people tend to rate good movies at 8, 9 or 10 and bad ones at like 1.

Soldierone4193d ago

Hows that bad lol?

I like them because you read a couple and you notice people talking about similar stuff and why they liked it or not. You decide if those key points are gamebreaking for you personally and then decide if you will see it or not.

Like Monsters. JL and Dark noted you hardly see the monster and things like that, but to me i dont mind it. I loved Cloverfield for that very reason.

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Sunny_D4186d ago

The only good score I saw for this film.