'Hangover Part II' Teaser Trailer Drops Next Week

After the record-breaking success of "The Hangover" and the endless speculation about where the sequel would take place, after the casting gossip and the Mel Gibson controversy, after the first photos and the behind-the-scenes set visit, we're about to get our first peek at actual footage from "The Hangover Part II."

"We have a teaser trailer that I just finished color for yesterday night, so that'll come out next week," Todd Phillips told MTV News on Friday (February 18) while promoting the DVD release of "Due Date." "And I think it comes out in theaters on 'Hall Pass,' which should be next Friday."

It can't come soon enough. The film hits theaters May 26, and up until now, official glimpses at the production have been few and far between. The only reason for the dearth of Warner Bros.-sanctioned material, though, is that Phillips and friends didn't wrap production on the flick that long ago.

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-MD-4114d ago

'It's truly a teaser, so it might end up frustrating more than solving questions,'

>_< I know I won't be able to resist watching it.

Soldierone4114d ago

meh at least we will kinda get to see where its going. Probably same story, differnt enviroment.

-MD-4114d ago (Edited 4114d ago )

Yeah sounds about right. It's actually called The Hangover Part II now instead of The Hangover 2 so I'm expecting an extension of the first one. Same quality jokes and stuff in a new environment as you said.

JL4112d ago

That's what I'm most interested in. Just seeing where they're going with this and how they might be approaching the project.

jony_dols4112d ago (Edited 4112d ago )

I've lost all respect for the cast of this film after the Mel Gibson incident,

They have no objection working with a convicted rapist, a man who pinned down and sexually assaulted an 18 year old girl, a man who is notorious for being a violent both in and out of the ring, a man who shamelessly bit off another mans ear in front of millions of spectators. Mike Tyson in every sense is a very unpleasant individual.

On the other hand, Mel Gibson, made drunken remarks against the Isreali state and asked a policeman officer if he was Jewish, and years later he suffered a very messy public divorce (like 1 in 3 US marriages), in which his wife recorded him letting off steam after years of living in a broken relationship.

Hmm. I just don't see the reasoning behind their refusal to work with Mel Gibson, considering they were so eager to work with a sex offender in the first film.

They are a bunch of filthy hypocrites.

Sunny_D4112d ago

Yeah, similar to how Harold and Kumar are.

-MD-4112d ago

Those movies are golden and I can't wait for the Christmas one. I wish there were more buddy comedies these days.

Soldierone4112d ago

All I ask for is a Clerks 3 lol

-MD-4112d ago

I'd love a Clerks 3. I think at one point Kevin Smith said he'd like to do a third sometime in the future but he recently announced his directing retirement so that might not happen for awhile.

Speaking of Clerks how about some new Jay and Silent Bob? Kevin Smith said we probably won't see them until they're both 40 though =/

Soldierone4112d ago

I liked the world Smith created, but then he abandoned it when he got bigger. He had reoccuring characters and they all were the same, it was so cool.

He only did it because they were all his friends and thats all he had though.

Fil1014112d ago

hard to see how they could top vagas