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Apollo 18 Trailer Debuts

The Weinstein Company has released a teaser trailer for their upcoming Apollo 18 through iTunes Trailers. The sci-fi horror film is slated for release on April 22nd.

The film, which will shoot in a "found footage" documentary style, will pretend to unearth lost footage from Apollo 18's undocumented and covert mission to the moon, revealing disturbing new evidence of other life forms.

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-MD-4191d ago

Been there done that but I like these kinds of films. Trailer was decent.

Soldierone4191d ago

So uhhh...just added another movie to my must see list haha! That looks so sweet, im a sucker for space movies. We have seen this before, but i always love them.

Did anyone else get a Dead Space feeling with it?

-MD-4191d ago

Have you seen Sunshine? Check that out if not.

Soldierone4191d ago

Never heard of it till now, gonna check netflix for it right now!

JL4190d ago

Never heard of it either. Now that I looked it up, I see it's a Danny Boyle movie. Can't stream it on Netflix, I might have to get around to watching it sometime though.

Soldierone4190d ago

Stupid Netflix doesn't allow you to add DVD que without a PC now lol. I finally got it added though.

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kingjoker344190d ago

ps3 lets u go through all the dvds in netflix

JL4191d ago

That trailer looked pretty damn good. I was already anticipating this movie, but this just made me more eager to see it.

xVeZx4190d ago

the trailer pretty much shows the whole movie...i like those jj abrams type trailers that give you a snack not the whole kitchen

-MD-4190d ago

I could have done without seeing the alien in his helmet.

JL4190d ago

I'm sure there's plenty more to it. I doubt they gave away the whole movie. Honestly, this trailer just gets me more intrigued. It's kind of like Paranormal Activity. I know at least for the second one, the trailer gave you a pretty good glimpse at the movie, but still there was enough left to make the movie plenty interesting despite already knowing what you saw in the trailer. The whole art of tension building helps with that.

The problem with JJ Abrams style trailers is you run the risk of also not showing enough that you don't get people's attention like you could.

Using this trailer as an example. If they showed less, would it really grab anyone's attention? Granted I too could have done without the alien in the helmet part. But something tells me that's not even close to being what they need to be afraid of. After all, the poster shows a footprint that is as big as the astronaut's footprint. But, if they didn't show that alien stuff and the conflict parts of the trailer, it would make it just seem like some boring moon landing documentary looking thing.

Soldierone4190d ago

I doubt that was the "alien" It was just a tease of something. They put it in there really fast so normal people would be like "did you see that, rewind it!" like they caught something.

Personally I could of done without them showing the disease more than anything. I highly doubt this is everything, they barely moved away from the landing area and only showed one or two clean shots.

JL4190d ago (Edited 4190d ago )

Exactly. All that's just a tease to show you that some seriously messed up stuff went down. At the very least there's some really big alien thing that's going to be in there as evidenced by the footprint. I'm still very much eager to see this one.

darklordzor4190d ago

Trailer was much better than I expected, but I was still hoping for more. I love my sci-fi movies, but with as rushed as this film was, I have my concerns. Who knows, hopefully this will blow the found footage genre out of the water.

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