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TheGameEffect | Parks and Recreation: "Media Blitz" Review

Although not as funny as preceding episodes -- and how could it compare to the insanity of last week? -- there were some genuinely funny parts of "Media Blitz." Like in "Flu Season" the funniest parts of this episode were in getting to see a character at their weakest, and most out-of-sorts. Here, instead of a feverish Chris or delirious Leslie, we got to see Ben so crippled by embarrassment that he actually loses the ability to speak -- or at least to speak in logical, complete sentences, and the best moments of the episode are without a doubt those in which we get to see the usually mild-mannered Ben acting psychotic and deranged.

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Sunny_D4182d ago

Not a bad score. Heard some things about this. Might check it out if time permits.