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H&T: Unknown - Theatrical Review

David Weaver from Home And Theater writes: For 2 years now movie studios have been trying to find some way to recreate the miraculous success of 2008's surprise hit Taken. This time last year they promoted the hell out of the director of Taken's follow up feature From Paris With Love which landed with a resounding thud. This year they are banking on the star of Taken to bring home the bacon with his new film Unknown. From the advertising campaign, "Take Back Your Life", to the poster art, and the way the trailer shows Liam Neeson kicking ass this film has been painstakingly manufactured using Taken's good name to get you in that theater this weekend. Did it work...? Well we will find out soon enough but more importantly is it any good?

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Sunny_D4193d ago

Not bad. I loved Taken and so hopefully this movie great as well.