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IGN: Unknown, starring Liam Neeson, is widely perceived as a pseudo-sequel to the actor's hit thriller Taken, a cynical assumption seemingly borne out by the poster's tagline, "Take back your life." As it turns out, Unknown could indeed have been a sequel to Taken, which itself owed a lot to the Bourne films.

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Sunny_D4114d ago

Damn it, I was really excited to see it after it's awesome commercial being plastered over ESPN.

Soldierone4114d ago

You can thank Taken for all the marketing this movie got.

Soldierone4114d ago

More and more bad reviews for this movie keep pouring in.

-MD-4114d ago

I'm still going to watch it

Soldierone4114d ago

Me too haha, maybe next week. Im seeing I Am Number Four today or tomorrow

Sunny_D4114d ago (Edited 4114d ago )

Yeah, on second thought... Me three. HAHA

Chauvez4113d ago

Well I just watched it, a couple of hours ago, while not as much fighting scenes as in Taken, it still was pretty awesum ^^

Becuase when they do pop up, it just leaves you with your mouth open, oh and in the chase scenes, ... Liam Neeson's so bad!

I might not have the experience, of predidicing plot-storylines, like the article said, but id say it was fairly solid.
Watch it if you get the chance!

TwistedMetal4113d ago

you guys are pretty silly because the only place u should go for anything movie related is imdb and that includes scores. this movie is at 8.7 on imdb and if this actor is just awesome. He practically made take so epic and the actor is half of what makes a movie good.
dont listen to any mouth breathers here trying to knock this movie.

InTheZoneAC4113d ago (Edited 4113d ago )

I've seen many obsurd and exaggerated reviews from people trying to sound smart, but reveal how stupid they really are.

I like a lot of movies and every time I turn around some one is nitpicking every damn detail from those movies.

Probably every site I've seen has given Unknown and other solid movies average or below average ratings.

Well if you haven't already go to yahoo movies. Almost all of them are normal and laid back, not stuck up, not fixated on who can get the most negative points to stand out to as many people looking to watch said movie.

yahoo movies has been consistently better at accurate reviews, almost like they're paid to give a truthful opinion and paid not to put it down to compete with some others in theaters.

Most recent example would be Sanctum. Everywhere but Yahoo gave it average/below average reviews, I watched it and it will go down as one of the top movies of 2011.

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