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IGN: I Am Number Four Review

IGN: I Am Number Four, the new sci-fi action film from director D.J. Caruso and producer Michael Bay, follows a pair of aliens from the planet Lorien who have assumed identities in the small town of Paradise, Ohio in order to escape the brutish Mogadorians who are out to kill them.

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Soldierone4193d ago

Aww this movie was doing well with reviews here till this one lol. But its IGN and stuff they hate i usually like, so im still pumped.

-MD-4193d ago

IGN is all over the place with their reviews.

Soldierone4193d ago

Yeah thats why i never really go to them. They review them as one persons opinions, so this person might absolutely hate something while another doesnt. I noticed with some reviews they give them to people that dont even specialize in a particular area.

At the site I write for the review goes through one other person and the editor before going live.

JL4192d ago

I didn't know you write for a site.

But this isn't surprising. I kinda expected this movie to get mixed reviews.

Soldierone4192d ago

Its just a PlayStation site, expanding soon. But im trying to open my own film site....

As for this i knew id love it since IGN hated it lol. Its a bit slow, but the action scenes are friggin amazingly well done. Ive never seen something so visually awesome, puts Iron Man to shame lol.

JL4192d ago

Ah gaming site. I see. Well let me know if you do start up your own film site.

And I guess that's to mean you did go and see this movie huh? IGN can be a bit weird with they're reviews at times. Not my go-to by any means. I figured the movie would at least be worth a rental (Netflix) when it comes out. Probably not something I'll go to the theater for though since I have too many other things I want to see.

Soldierone4192d ago

The good majority of the movie is setting up the characters, and I was a little bit worried about the villians but they eventually explained them a little bit. The villians are the only weakness to this film, you still dont understand, and they dont officially appear till its almost over. That it and it randomly cuts to things out of no where, but its only like two or three times.

The visuals for the second half was godly though. The powers they have is so sick. The entire movie is extremely dark, but its so the light powers really give a cool effect.

And yeah, i was gonna message you about how to get contacts for the film industry but i was waiting till the site is ready to go up.

JL4192d ago

That's interesting. A lot of character set up. Villains don't really show up till the end. Things unexplained. Wonder if they're setting it up for a sequel...?

Soldierone4192d ago

Im not gonna ruin anything, but yeah expect another one and expect me to be excited to see it lol.

gaden_malak4191d ago

What site do you write for?

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Sunny_D4191d ago

BAH! Not wasting time watching this. Although, some of my favorite movies have gotten low scores before...

Soldierone4191d ago

Id really check this one out if you are at all interested in super hero movies. Its really well done and a good kickstart to the blockbuster brigade.

Sunny_D4189d ago

Hmmm, if you say so, I mean I thought the previews were good, so maybe I will wait for it on Netflix streaming.