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Oscar Talk: Visual Techs

Encore Entertainment:
I feel like such a fraud having next to no enthusiasm about the race for cinematography, so despite the fact that Inception shows up nowhere in my top 12 directors of photography I’d be least interested if it actually wins. Logic dictates that True Grit’s Roger Deakins (who’s been trying for that Oscar for some time) will get his due, but I won’t be surprise if he loses. In fact, my gut tells me that The King’s Speech could very well take this, and I’d be fine since it actually makes my list of nominees – but that could result in a potential bloodbath since everyone isn’t convinced that it’s well shot – and the backlash against it is already deafening. The Social Network is not one to rule out here, either and logically, you have to at least consider the possibility of a Black Swan – a win I’d be on board with. Inception aside (or not, even) it’s a fine bunch of nominees.

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Sunny_D4108d ago

Inception had amazing CGI. Although, it's ironic since Nolan likes to avoid as much CGI as possible.

But, it's amazing how advanced Tech has become in the past decade.