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The List's Top 10 Leading Men Working Right Now

The List:
While there are a lot of great working actors out there, for the purposes of our list here today, we will be sticking to leading men. We are also basing this on acting ability as opposed to box office draw or popularity.

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-MD-4195d ago

Tom Cruise wouldn't be in my top 10. I don't think he'd even be in my top 20.

JL4195d ago

Yea me neither. I'd absolutely take him off the list and replace him with DiCaprio. And I'd do some shuffling on the order on this list.

-MD-4195d ago

DiCaprio deserves a spot I agree.

Soldierone4195d ago

He has some decent roles, i dont think he is terrible...

-MD-4195d ago

No he's not terrible at all. In fact I used to think he was a tool until Tropic Thunder so my respect for him has gone up in recent years.

He has his moments.

Soldierone4195d ago

Id take off Robert Downey Jr all together, and I like Daniel Day Lewis but he isnt on my top ten list by anymeans.

I cant believe Dicaprio isnt on the list though, and Johnny Depp would probably be one or two. if you keep Cruise then put him at ten.

-MD-4195d ago

"Id take off Robert Downey Jr all together"



Soldierone4195d ago

I dont like him, call me a Downey downer but he plays the same a hole in all his movies. Id like to see him play something differnt before i like him.

JL4194d ago

RDJ I can understand not wanting on your list. But Daniel Day Lewis really? By any means? That guy is awesome. You need look no further than Gangs of New York to see that.

I do agree ordering would be different and I'd have Depp up higher as well as Damon. And DiCaprio HAS to be on the list, high up too.

Sunny_D4186d ago

Tom Cruise might have been worthy in the 80's and 90's, but he would be number 1 for craziest men today, that's for sure.

Sunny_D4186d ago

But, although Tom Hanks is doing big time roles like he used to Like Forrest Gump. I don't think he can run now, I still enjoyed his works and he is one of my favorite actors.