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Animation at the Oscars - The Shame of the Academy?

Hope Lies:
The Academy Awards are fast approaching, and so it is with a sense of inevitability that film websites from the big to the small are going to start posting articles on the academy awards, championing some films whilst slamming others and generally adding to the sense of expectation that surrounds the awards season.

So I’ve decided to get in there and look at the three films nominated for the Best Animated Feature category, as well as using this time to lament the general under-appreciation of what this column celebrates. The three films nominated this year are: The Illusionist by Sylvain Chomet; How To Train Your Dragon by De Blois and Sanders; Toy Story 3 by Lee Unkrich. Each film is actually an excellent piece of cinema in their own respect, making this one of the strongest categories of the year.

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