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I Am Number Four Review - WGTC

Though geared towards a young adult audience, the new sci-fi film I Am Number Four entertains with sleek special effects, big scary aliens, and lots of superhero action. The fact that it’s somewhat immature and deals with coming-of-age issues doesn’t dull the thrill of this exciting sci fi film.

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darklordzor3992d ago

Glad to see a positive review for the film. I know it's going to have some issues, but I really want this to be enjoyable, since I've been wanting to see it.

-MD-3992d ago

Ouch... It's got a 27% on Rottentomatoes.

Soldierone3992d ago

I take that as "ill love this film" most of the time lol. It seems almost every movie ranks low until its about to get out of theaters.

Soldierone3992d ago

Thats two decent reviews, I will probably like this film lol.

Sunny_D3992d ago

Oh wow, this movie is terrible. I saw one good review and thought it was good all across the board. Forget watching this then.